Five *****Stars : Favorite Blog Edition

To kick things off, I’d like to share a few of my favorite/most read blogs.

Puck Daddy: Mainly self explanatory: Its the daddy of pucks. If hockey is your sport, this is your blog. Covers NHL, some minor league, NCAA, and International/Olympic hockey all with a healthy dose of statistics, anecdotes, link aggregating, and wit.

Soccer Insider(WashingtonPost): Yes, another sports blog. Excellent coverage from tenured WaPo writer Steven Goff. While mainly focusing on the DC United Franchise, there’s enough international soccer coverage for any (American) footie fan.

DC Sports Bog(WashingtonPost): Yes, I spelled it correctly. The Bog. Written by Dan Steinberg, this is blog focuses on the lighter side of DC Sports and is for the person who enjoys off field antics as much as what goes down before the buzzer/whistle/whatever sounds.

Kickette: Less of a blog, and more like a creepy website ran by British women for other women that enjoy playing paparazzi with the worlds premier soccer players. I generally read for the WAG fashion/weekend results cheat sheet.

College Fashion: Something that I originally found via College Candy(see below), this blog is extremely creative and practical. In addition to being up to date on sales/coupons, this site explores different trends. There most original series entitled “How to dress like _________” creates outfits inspired by things ranging from Disney Princesses to Celebrities to the Hogwarts houses. 

College Candy: Targeted at the 15-25 young female audience, this is the most comprehensive blog I read. Fashion/news aggregating/ gossip/ interviews/ and just plain good college advice. This blog will stay on my Google Reader until I’m post-grad for sure.


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