Five*****Stars: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill edition

As I previously mentioned, I recently started my first year of college and will probably not have a lot of time to devote to Blogging(Like A Boss). While I considered starting a personal blog to chronicle my freshmen year, I have decided against it because:

a- Way too time consuming

and b– I feel somewhat awkward writing posts about my personal life and this blog isn’t anonymous. 

Here is a quick post about my favorite things as a UNC student so far:

1) Carolina Victory!- UNC has an amazing athletic program, and I have already been to so many games. While we’re known for basketball, already this season I’ve seen the football, field hockey, men’s soccer, and women’s soccer teams win a home game( actually I’ve seen the men’s soccer team win 3 games already). As a member of the Carolina Fever, a student cheering group, I really feel like a part of the UNC community and not just a random spectator.

2)So Much Free Time– this can actually be a blessing and a curse. The first two weeks I had some trouble adapting to having so much free time and learning how to utilize it wisely. Know, however, I am really starting to enjoy the fact that I don’t have to be in class from 8-3 and can just relax/study at various parts on campus. Not to mention, it is so nice not having to wait up at 6:30 am to get ready and catch a bus to school. Since I live close enough to the middle of campus, I can pretty much walk everywhere.

3) Taking classes I actually want to be in- Since I had a lot of AP credits to satisfy GenEd requirements, this semester I was able to take classes that interested me or would prepare me for my intended major. Not to say that I will always have the perfect schedule, but adding/dropping classing and altering your schedule in college is at least easier than begging your high school guidance counselor to let you change classes.

4) The Gym. And other places. Mostly other places– leaving a small farming town to live in a college town makes a huge difference. As I mentioned, I can pretty much walk everywhere and don’t have to leave town just to get to a gym. Or grocery store. Or even a concert venue! I haven’t been to any shows yet, but I already have a few Cat’s Cradle shows marked on my calendar that me and my room mate want to see.

5) Community– Unlike in high school, most people in college actually want to be in college. And they want to be involved and have fun and learn. UNC is school that really fosters community. No matter where you came from, once you step foot on campus, you are officially a part of the Tar Heel family!

p.s. I’ll be contributing the Daily Tar Heel newspaper Arts section and blog soon, so stay tuned for when I post links!


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