Spring Break!!! Tan lines without the bill.

So I’m currently applying for an internship and since my blogging… well it has taken a back seat to academics and my extracurriculars that involve interaction with other people( if only society recognized blogging alone in your room as a real hobby. So sad :/  ) I am writing a sample post and might as well publish it here before it is lost forever in a stack of applications. 

My roomie is actually do Leadershape this week, which inspired this post about alternative spring breaks. Read more after the jump!

Spring Break. Your whole life you’ve probably been bombarded with images of bikinis, margaritas, and the stories filed under “what happens in Cancun/ Panama Beach/ Miami, stays there.”


Unfortunately, not everyone has the cash flow to travel to somewhere exotic. Or maybe you hate beaches ( believe it or not, I know people like that).


Here are some alternatives that are not only cheaper, but also allow you to give back to the community. And don’t worry, you still might get a nice tan:


Habitat for Humanity(www.habitat.org)-It’s possible your school’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity is planning a spring break trip to a foreign country that is in need of aid, like Honduras. Generally these trips, like most service trips, require a lot of fundraising so it’s better to sign up early so that you can participate in fundraising efforts like percentage nights at local restaurants and bars. Joining Habitat can also be a great way to make friends, so it’s a win-win

Leadershape (http://www.leadershape.org)- LeaderShape is a non-profit institute that holds week-long leadership building workshops across the country. While they do not host programs at all colleges, you should definitely contact your school’s office of leadership development or ask around. The workshop at my school involves a camping trip, so this might be a nice excursion for those looking to build skills and enjoy the outdoors.

United Way National Alternative Spring Break(http://liveunited.org/take-action/alternative-spring-break/)The United Way also hosts an alternative spring break. This year’s trip is to Biloxi, MS on March 11-17, 2012.You can also apply to organize a local Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program for your school.

Other Alternative Breaks- These are just a few examples. Be sure to ask around your campus to see what specific opportunities are offered at your school. Even if you  just head home for spring break, you can always find a way to give back to your own community.


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