The Lucky One: Piano Pop edition

Everyone has been plagued by earworms at some point in their life. But it’s not quite as disgusting as it sounds.

For those not familiar with the term, an earworm is a catchy song that get’s stuck in your head. Literally. For days, weeks, months, years maybe. According to  Wikipedia, there is even a German song called “Ohrwurm”( Google translate it if you must).

Anyway, after a budget-theatre showing of “The Lucky One,” this track “Count Me In” by Early Winters attained automatic earworm status. But not because it was catchy like this song (Damn you Holy Musical B@tman!).

But because it sounded exactly like this:

Listen to ” The Day I Lost My Voice” by Copeland and then start  “Count Me In’ at 1:26.

Because the only thing worse than an earworm is an earworm that keeps you up all night trying to figure out why it sounds so familiar.

Unfortunately that’s the problem when you have melodies stuck in your head and not lyrics. Google is futile.

Has this happened to you? Have you ever realized the reason you love a song so much is because it sounds exactly another one of your favorite songs?

(Ed.-If you hate Nicolas Sparks, well then you probably will also hate the film. But if you love dogs, adorable precocious kids, killer soundtracks and Zac Effron walking the aforementioned dogs, then you will love it.)


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