The Land of the Free and Home of the Old Bay

If you don’t read the DC Sports Bog… well then you probably have no interest in DC or Sports. But really, Dan Steinberg’s (and now Sarah Kogod’s) anecdotes are unmatched for regional coverage.

Every now and then, Steinberg travels into Maryland territory. In fact, former Terps football coach Ralph Friedgen was Steinberg’s inspiration for the oh-so witty and clever blog title.

The Bog’s most recent foray into MD territory is how I found this gem about being a “Baytriot”

For those who don’t know, Maryland shares the body of water the Chesapeake Bay with Virginia. But really, we called dibs.  And in honor of this beautiful aquatic habitat we pollute it and constantly have to rebuild natural populations have this lovely seasoning:

Is your mouth watering yet? It should be. This delicious secret blend of spices is perfect for some Maryland seafood, chicken, hamburgers, popcorn, french fries, and just about whatever else you can stand to put it on. A true Maryland classic.

And now, the McCormick Company, who produces Old Bay, is determined to exploit a Marylander’s love by coining the term “Baytriot.”  If you haven’t checked out the DC Sports Blog article, here’s the original video advertisement they reference:

Old Bay “Are you a Baytriot”

I’m all for Old Bay, and I’m all for loving Maryland, my Maryland! But to use Maryland traditions and customs to sell a product? It’s just a little off.

The great thing about Old Bay is that Marylander’s already embrace it. My Grandma sent me to college with a full can. Every local restaurant uses it in their seafood, and I get a little sad when I have to eat seafood without it.  Old Bay is an institution.

Sure I say “water”  too fast so it sounds like “wutur” and I emphasize “oh” during “The Star Spangled Banner” and I’ve strolled down Charles Street. I am Maryland born and bred,  but I don’t need a cliché advertisement to give me a rudimentary checklist to see if I’m the real deal.

I’ve been a “Baytriot” my whole life. Old Bay just decided to make up a phrase for it.

For more Maryland-related swagger, check out my Maryland themed board on Pinterest


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