What is your something?

This is the second installment in my series of college essays that I’ve chosen to publish as a blog post. Again: They’re from 2010, but good writing is timeless. I hope this is good writing…

This post talks about the musician Ace Enders. If you were a big early 2000s emo fan like myself you might also be familiar with his band The Early November. Check out their new album “In Currents” out July 3rd.


4. According to Henry David Thoreau, “One is not born into the world to do everything, but to do something.” What is your something?

Taped above my bed, a tattered piece of notebook paper reads,

“This next song is about knowing you’re meant to do something, you just don’t know what.”

That quotation, sprawling across those evenly spaced blue lines, does not come from Thoreau or any other philosopher. Instead, the words were spoken by a thirty-something musician named Ace Enders during a performance at the Recher Theater.

For an introverted person like me, concerts usually provide a freedom that can only be obtained from the anonymity one possesses while in a crowd.

But that night, listening to Ace Enders introduce the next part of his set, I was not alone. There, in that crowded room, was another person who shared my feelings. The same feeling that haunts me every minute of the day.

That message, the one that introduced Ace’s song, was a description of my life.

Without ever knowing exactly what, I have always felt that I am meant to do something.

What is your something?

This unrelenting question begs me for an answer, yet I still cannot respond.

I do not know what my something is, but I know that there is something.

Although I cannot see it, I know that along the periphery of my conscious a “something” awaits me.

The sensation you get when trying to think of that perfect word, the one just on the tip of your tongue, best describes my burden. Where that word hides also rests my something.

Maybe my something will stem from one of my many hobbies or the things comprising my life’s “to-do” list.

However, for now, those passions are just things.

A something is much more; it is a purpose.

Just like the protagonist of Ace’s song, I am still figuring things out. And, while one might be ready to declare a college major, declaring a life’s purpose might take a few semesters.




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