Some (sopho)more Carolina

It’s OK to leave a football game at the half if the score is already 41-0, right?

Well, I did anyway because it’s about 90 degrees outside and I felt my sunblock slowly melting away. The Tar Pit earns its name on hot, September-afternoons.

Two weeks in, I’ve already gone to two men’s soccer, one women’s soccer and one football games. Not to mention a random outdoor concert in the Forest Theatre where the lineup consisted of bluegrass and rap. Only on a college campus.

Most importantly, I’ve been taking classes.

This is my first semester in the J-school, and I’m taking two key foundation classes, 153- News Writing and 137-Intro to Ad and PR.

137 is the class to help students decide if they’re more interested in Advertising or Public Relations. I’ve already decided that I want to do PR, but I plan on keeping an open mind when the class switches to the Ad portion in October. At the very least, all of the JOMC sequences intersect, so it’s beneficial to learn about any of the sequences. Communications is a broad and dynamic field, so the more you know the better. Surprisingly, this course is a lot of reading but as a Poli-Sci double major I’m no stranger to having a ton of reading to do. Luckily, the Poli-Sci class I’m in this semester, 101, is predominantly full of Journalism majors and seems to more manageable work-wise than the one I took last semester.

153  is possibly the most important class you take in the J-school. Actually, that’s probably Media Law. Even the best writer doesn’t want to get sued.  But 153 gives every sequence the foundation needed to be an effective writer. Even though I’ve written for several papers, ranging from my joke of a high school newspaper to the Daily Tar Heel, I know my writing skills need polished and my knowledge of AP Style could use a boost to say the least. Again  I’m keeping an open mind and try to rebuild my skills even though I do have a small background in news writing. So far we haven’t done any original reporting, which is a blessing because that is often my least favorite part of being a journalist. I know this class will help me in the  PR sequence because it’s important to understand the job of the journalist and their perspective in order to facilitate successful media relations.

On the personal side, I’m looking forward to being involved with University Career Services Student Ambassador Program (Career Peers), joining a Dance Marathon Committee again ( hopefully Pub!), and possibly writing for Resound Magazine (hooray local music!).

And I’m going to see President Obama accept the Democratic nomination next Thursday in Charlotte.

To my sister who goes to Brown University, let’s review the “Rileys seeing Obama Speak” Score:

Breeze-2 Tonya-0


The POTUS at Carmichael last spring

Note- I’m definitely not editing these posts for AP Style. At least not yet.


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