End of Semester Crunch

With only one full week of classes before exams start, I am feeling the end of semester crunch. However, the way my midterms and other major exams were scheduled, I’ve had an end-of-semester feeling for the past several weeks. Everything seems to be due at the same time and then the cycle starts over again.

I’m extremely relieved to be going to back my beloved Maryland for a few days even though I’ll still have plenty of schoolwork to remind me of Chapel Hill. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged, so what have been the highlights of my life since then.

-I was able to see Joshua Bell perform at Memorial Hall. Admittedly, I’m a piano person so I don’t think the show would’ve been as good for me if it wasn’t for Sam Haywood’s piano accompaniment. Carolina Performing Arts truly has been incredible this season, and I can’t wait to attend more performance in the Spring( so far this year I’ve also seen Yo-Yo Ma and Punch Brothers)

-The election is over! Which means no more political ads when I watch YouTube videos. It also means same-sex marriage is officially legal in Maryland. Such a moment of pride for Marylanders and allies across the country! I’m disappointed that my home county voted against Question 6, but I’m not surprised either.

-Basketball season started!! I’ve only been to one game so far this year, but I can’t wait to practically live in the Dean Dome next semester.

There have been other things like worries about internships, scheduling for classes, and copious amounts of schoolwork, but those things were the first major events to pop into my mind. Today I’m visiting with a study abroad adviser to discuss going to London next fall. So many things to prepare for, so little time!



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