3 down, 5 to go

It’s a sad day when you don’t even know what TV shows come on Monday nights. Hulu and college and having a life have ruined me. I don’t even care if Ted ever meets the mother.

I am done with finals for my 3rd semester at school and am ready to conquer my giant list of books, movies, TV and music to catch up on. I know the music part may seem a little weird, but my lack of free time and lapse of Alternative Press subscription have left me very behind.

In reality, I’ll be applying for internships, finding more internships, filling out study abroad apps, writing scholarship essays, etc.

I did, however, finally read “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?(And other concerns)” by Mindy Kaling.


And by genius, I mean Mindy is super-funny and borderline-offensive, and she totally understands me.

The nice thing is that each chapter is its own story so you can touch-and-go. Or you can read the whole thing in order in the span of 24 hours(what I did).

I plan on seeing “the Hobbit” when my sister returns from Providence, so expect a full review where I discuss the merits of Aidan Turner as a dwarf vs Aidan Turner as a vampire.


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