Broken New Year’s Resolutions

Yoga, Learning the piano, Finishing my screenplay and many others

These are all some of my broken New Year’s Resolutions. Considering that updating this blog is one of them, I think it’s appropriate to address them here.

Some of them fell by the wayside as they were replaced by other things (Yoga gave way to my traditional workouts on the elliptical and trying new classes like Cardio Interval Training and Kick’n’Sculpt at the SRC) and some were just a little unrealistic(Piano? This has been a resolution since I was 12 and it still hasn’t happened).

But my list of failed resolutions mainly reminds me that I still haven’t mastered the balancing act called college. I’ve noticed that my self-improvement goals tend to get discarded as I focus on academic and extracurricular goals. A high GPA is wonderful and I’m proud of the work I do with student organizations, but it sometimes comes at the expense of my health, both mental and physical.

I’m still learning how to balance being a student with being a real person. In college, all-nighters are seen as a badge of honor not a sign of insanity. If you can’t satisfactorily answer the question, “What are you involved with?” with 3 or more activities it feels like you’re dismissed as average.

And being average, at a school of achievers like UNC, is perhaps everyone’s biggest fear.

So, how do I prevent myself from becoming “average” while still living a balanced life? How do I make time for family, friends, school, work,  extracurricular activities and blogging? Or maybe just sleep, instead of blogging.

I haven’t figured it out this semester, but I still have two more years to go.

Until then, it’s final exams time! Expect my next post in early May. Perhaps a review of the Josh Ritter show at Cat’s Cradle on May 12? It’s only one day after my birthday…



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