A lot to be grateful for-School of Journalism and Mass Communication scholarships

On Wednesday I was visiting a friend who also works part-time in the J-school. I was complaining about how hectic my day had been ( a paper, a debate and portfolio all due).

One of her colleagues joked that I shouldn’t be complaining since I had just won several scholarships earlier this week.

While I would still argue it was pretty miserable day filled with assignments, he was right. I can’t really complain considering my life as a whole.

Earlier in the week, I was a recipient of two scholarships and a travel award. I was also  inducted into Kappa Tau Alpha, an honor society that recognizes excellence in journalism and mass communication.

There was an awards ceremony where I and other awards recipients were recognized.

I received the Emma Lineberger Scholarship, the William G. Arey Jr. International Communications Scholarship and the Canady International Award.

All of these scholarships are funded to benefit students in the J-school. I can’t find a specific description of the first two, but per the J-school website:

Canady International Award: This award supports one or more School of Journalism and Mass Communication students who are engaged in international academic opportunities related to journalism and mass communication.  The award aims to benefit students 1) who are earning academic credit for international activities 2) who are employed and earning their own funds, and 3) who exhibit drive, initiative and curiosity about the world.  The award may be made to undergraduate and graduate students.

The award was established by Erika W. and Randall V. Canady.  Erika Canady is a 1993 graduate of the school.  Her experiences on Dean Richard Cole’s class trip to Mexico and Cuba in the spring of 1992 inspired her to establish an award to enrich the lives of future students by supporting their international travel for academic purposes.

These scholarships and the award are incredible opportunities. Especially since I will be studying abroad in London (hello USD-GBP conversion rate…), this funding will allow me to explore many opportunities to grow through exposure to international education and culture without having to take out loans.

I am very grateful for these awards.

One of the best things of being a student in the J-School is that there are so many opportunities available. If you are willing to work hard, your hard work will be rewarded.

Honestly, I was too stressed from school work to enjoy the awards ceremony. That is the irony of being a high-achieving student, I guess. My favorite moment was when upon walking up to accept the congratulations certificate for my second scholarship, the Senior Associate Dean Chris Roush fist-bumped me instead of shaking my hand. I had Chris for News writing (JOMC 153) last semester. The fist-bump pretty much sums up our normal interactions.


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