Time to figure this thing out

By the time I start classes at City University London (CUL), my fellow Tar Heels will likely already be preparing for the first round of exams. Soccer season will be half  over and so will Saturdays in Kenan Stadium.

So how am I spending my time before I depart for study abroad? Well, I’ve been busy planning my London adventures (which you can read about at breezetravels.wordpress.com). But I’ve also been preparing for the “real life” I’ll be returning to in January. Since my winter break is only 13 days this year, I’ve been trying to prepare for spring semester before I leave for London.

That means figuring out which classes I need to take even though the hardest part is picking electives. It also means preparing for the dreaded internship search. It was only three weeks ago that I finished up my internships for Summer 2013.  But it’s back to the grind.

I’m not looking forward to writing another 15 cover letters ( I wish that was an exaggeration). This past summer was a positive experience and I learned a lot from my colleagues who were always willing to teach me and give me challenging projects. But that being said, I never planned on spending this past summer in Chapel Hill. And if I want to work outside of North Carolina when I graduate, it’s time to intern outside of North Carolina.

That means the DMV, NYC or Chi-town. Maybe even Boston or San Francisco. Somewhere with exorbitant rent but great public transportation.  It’s scary to think about these things already, but if I want to enjoy my time in London I have to be all set before I leave.

I just need some time.


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