FTK All Day, Every Day

Update 4/5/13: I was asked to write a longer version of this post for the April newsletter, so here’s the newsletter version if you want to read that! http://www.uncmarathon.org/blog/why-i-stand-reflections-from-the-2014-marathon

I woke up this afternoon, and after standing for 24 hours for the 16th annual UNC Dance Marathon my feet didn’t hurt.

And that’s the point.

As painful as the marathon can be while you’re doing it, the next day you go back to real life. You sacrifice those 24 hours with the hope that you can begin to understand why it is you’re standing. You stand for the patients and families who have to live with the complications of whatever medical issue the patient is dealing with every day.

I knew I wanted to write a blog about the marathon this year, but I didn’t know where to start. Should I write about the work we do on the publicity committee? The marathon itself?

But waking up today, I realized that as important as those things, the “how” and “what” of the marathon, are they will never be as important as the “why” of the marathon.


For the Kids.

Today I celebrate the patients and families we have been able to help since 1999 and the patients and families we will serve in the future.

13361333345_fa9e3a250b_z (1)
Kid Co Captains dancing on stage. Photo credit: Francesca Braaten



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