NYC Bucket List

When I lived in London I had a long bucket list. Obviously I also had a lot of free time in London, but in NYC I’ll be working full-time.

I still want to make the most of my time in the “city that never sleeps.” So here is my ambitious NYC bucket list:

  1. See at show at the Rockwood Music Hall-preferably John Gallagher Jr…
  2. Visit the Statue of Liberty
  3. Go to the observation deck on the Empire State Building
  4. Take a tour of 30 Rockefeller Plaza
  5. Go to a show taping (Late Night, the Daily Show, etc)
  6. Have a picnic in Central Park
  7. See a Broadway Show
  8. Go to the Tony Awards red carpet (sneak into the Tony Awards?)
  9. See the Yankees play the Orioles at Yankee Stadium (while wearing an O’s shirt)
  10. Drink at a famous NYC bar (still figuring this one out)
  11. Eat a hot dog from a hot dog cart even though everyone tells me this is not a thing I should care about
  12. Eat a slice of authentic N.Y. pizza
  13. Visit the 9/11 memorial
  14. Visit the Stonewall Riots memorial( I actually didn’t know there was one until I wrote a paper about it for my American Studies class last year)
  15. Spend a day at the Natural History Museum
  16. Buy something at the Macy’s in Herald Square
  17. Go to Coney Island and the beach
  18. Go to one of NYC’s free summer outdoor concerts.
  19. Go to Shakespeare in the Park
  20. Get a cone at Big Gay Ice Cream( This is apparently the best ice cream in NYC)

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