For Immediate Release: What’s new with me

Every couple of posts I like to bring up how bad I am with keeping up with my blog. I made a valiant effort while studying abroad, but have been slacking this semester. While life in Chapel Hill is interesting, it’s also cyclical.

This whole semester has been a blur, and now it’s winding down. But there isn’t time to lament the days that have slipped by me since I’m already preparing for next year.

My roommate and I finally signed a lease after a long and stressful house search. It’s such a relief to know where we’re living so we can finally focus on the important things…like interior design.

I was also selected to be the media relations sub-chair for UNC Dance Marathon which is both exciting and terrifying. I have a lot of big ideas for how we can expand UNC-DM’s media coverage and improve our relationships with news outlets, and now it’s up to me and my future subcommittee members to make it happen.

Finals are still ahead, but this is probably the least stressed I’ve been about finals since coming to Carolina. I’m only in 12 credit hours and most of my classes have final projects or papers. I only have one proper “final exam,” and it’s for a Shakespeare class so it should be manageable.

I’m staying in Chapel Hill through my birthday, but then it’s back to Maryland for the month of May. I’ll write more about the projects I have planned for my time off as soon as finals are over.


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