Where did May go?

Where did May go?

Today is June 1, and final exams seem like they happened months ago. Between my birthday, working at NCSMA for a week, going home to take care of my Mom after her surgery and visiting family in Savannah, May has disappeared.

And now I’m here in New York City!

I arrived Saturday on the Amtrak train from Penn Station (Baltimore) at Penn Station (New York City). A quick cab ride later, I arrived at my studio apartment on the Upper West Side which I’m sharing with my sister this summer. There isn’t too much to report yet since we’ve mostly just been grocery shopping (Trader Joe’s and Aldis) and unpacking. We went out for dinner our first night and soaked in the neighborhood.

We live between Morningside Park and Harlem, so our neighborhood is a mix of students and families.

Tomorrow I start at Ogilvy, so I’m spending the day swallowing my nerves. Last week was spent relaxing, reading, swimming and spending quality time with my family including my cousin I hadn’t seen in about 8 years and his wife who I met for the first time. It was actually one of the nicest vacations I’ve had in years, and I’m happy I finally made it back down to Savannah after a six-year absence.


Tybee Beach (plus my thumb...)
Tybee Beach (plus my thumb…)
Savannh 008
At the Crab Shack on Tybee

So the challenging internship I’m about to embark on wasn’t at the front of my mind as I floated in the water at Tybee or dug into a pile of seafood.

Now it’s all too present.

I’m excited for this challenge, but it will be just that. A challenge.

Right now all I can do is iron my first-day outfit and pack my notebook for lots of note-taking during orientation.  And make sure I’m taking the correct subway line tomorrow.




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