“All the Way” to Brooklyn

Last week I wrote about starting my intern life, so this week I wanted to write about my New York City life.

Working full-time can be exhausting for a college student who is used to not getting out of bed until 11 a.m. on Fridays, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying what New York has to offer. Of the things I’ve done so far, the highlights have been…

A free* show at the  Upright Citizens Brigade to see ASSSCAT 3000.

*Free if you wait in line by sitting on the sidewalk outside of UCB for 2 hours on a Sunday night for them to hand out tickets an hour before the show which you then subsequently lose at a Starbucks before the show. Which of you course you don’t realize until you’ve already walked back to UCB. So you have to sprint back to the Starbucks and knock on the door for five minutes before they open it since it’s already technically closed. And then wait for the cashier to dig the ticket out of the trash. At this point it’s covered in old coffee, but you don’t care. You sprint back to UCB, waiving it triumphantly to the no-nonsense door manager who refused to give you a new ticket even though two people could vouch for you. She still says nothing, just nods.

A trip to Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg.

I can’t even say the name Brooklyn without thinking about Theo Katzman’s song “Brooklyn.” But now I associate Brooklyn with delicious food. Brooklyn’s “Smorgasburg” (because it’s in Williamsburg) is held on Saturday and Sundays and features dozens of hunger-inducing food stands. I tasted thick-cut french fries from the stall Home Frites that reminded me of the stands in Europe and drank a glass of  Vermont Maple Lemonade.


Brooklyn 009
Tonya with her frites.
Brooklyn 004
So much food

Brooklyn 018

After leaving Smorgasburg, Tonya and I enjoyed the view of Manhattan from the pier and checked out Northside Festival, which was also happening in Brooklyn that weekend. Although we had probably already spent too much on food, we couldn’t resist trying Williamsburg Creamery’s wine-infused ice cream. I had cherry merlot and Tonya had chocolate cabernet. Why choose between wine and ice cream when you can have both?

Brooklyn 023
View of Manhattan across the river.

Brooklyn 046

Brooklyn 047
Brooklynites enjoying fake grass laid out for the Northside Festival


Brooklyn 048

“All the Way” back to Manhattan

After returning from Brooklyn we spent our Saturday night taking in the Tony award-winning “All the Way” starring Bryan Cranston. To be honest, I don’t know enough about LBJ to judge the performance but the play was very entertaining. A little campy during parts, but there were some very emotional scenes about civil rights as well. Our seats weren’t great, but the theatre was small enough that I can’t really complain. Hopefully this is the first of several plays I’ll get to see this summer in New York.



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