“New York State of Mind” or “Carolina in My Mind”

“Carolina in My Mind”

Just as I was about to sit down to write a post about my NYC blues, I find out that my favorite blue-grass/pop band from North Carolina is playing a free show at the Rockwood Music Hall next month. Talk about timing. The universe really wants me to stop writing self-indulgent blog posts about homesickness.

New York City has many charms. However, it will never have Southern charm. When the cashier at the Trader Joe Wine Shop said she knew where New Windsor was(…fine, Westminster actually) because she was from NoVa, I was so enthused about finding a kindred spirit from south of the Mason-Dixon line that I forgot to be offended that she carded me.

“New York State of Mind”

But, back to New York’s charms which include $35 box seats to Tony-nominated plays. Thank goodness my sister has Fridays off and is kind enough to get us rush tickets. Friday we saw “The Cripple of Inishmaan.” Although I knew it got rave reviews on the West End and Broadway, I knew little about the plot. It turns out it’s a really hilarious dark comedy.

10448772_10203319176932760_3687049218237246140_n 10415574_10203319192773156_6143020972137301049_n

Sunday, I went with Janie to explore the behemoth that is the Met. It was far larger than I expected. One of my employee perks is use of the corporate membership to museums. Otherwise I don’t think I would be shelling out the admission to get lost in NYC’s museums since they’re so expensive compared to D.C. and London (though technically the Met is pay-as-you-wish). The most interesting piece for me was the famous painting of Washington crossing the Delaware. You know, the one in every U.S. History textbook you ever read?

The Met 004 The Met 009 The Met 013

After we had our fill of impressionist paintings, banjos and Egyptian tombs, we sat out in Central Park and swapped stories of our internships so far and everything that’s happened since we last saw each other in May.

The Met 021


Work is work. Most days I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, which is partially true. I’ve never done client-based work in previous internships, so it’s been a transition. Whether it’s learning the best way to present research to a client or trying to juggle my work-load while spending half the day in meetings, I am always learning. While I hate the feeling of frustration that accompanies not knowing how to do something, I’m so grateful for the feedback I’ve been getting. And there’s nothing like your computer crashing and losing two hours of work waiting for IT to make you feel like life can only get better.

As far as the glamorous side of Ogilvy, I’ve been to a champagne toast for new business, two free concerts (Kelis and Skaters), and a talk with Katty Kay and Claire Shipman about their new book “The Confidence Code,” which was hosted by the Women’s Leadership Professional  Network (WLPN). My mentor is involved with WLPN, and I really admire Ogilvy’s commitment to balancing gender inequality in the workplace. It’s not an issue I used to think about frequently since PR’s gender balance is in favor of women, but I’ve been thinking a lot about it since finishing “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg. Of course,  I could write an entire other post about those thoughts.

Skaters Band NYC
Skaters Band NYC

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