My Best of 2014: Pop Culture Edition

Favorite New Show: The Flash 

I was so excited for Gotham which has ended up being terribly inconsistent. I would have never guessed another DC show would take this spot. I didn’t make it past episode two of Arrow when that premiered. So why I bothered with The Flash is a mystery to me. But I’m so glad I did. The Flash isn’t going to challenge for the Emmy any time soon, but it’s fun to watch. The characters are likable. Despite being on the CW it’s not too saccharine or melodramatic.  I’m still waiting to order my Star Labs sweatshirt, but the outlook is good. Barry Allen is just a good guy and you cheer for him. And growing up with Wally West as the Flash on Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, I can say I much prefer this Flash.


Favorite New Show (not featuring a superhero): Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver

Stop. Do I really need to explain?

Favorite Album: Rented World by The Menzingers

I don’t even think I knew who The Menzingers were this time last year. And I can’t honestly remember how I found out about them. But I do remember later being heartbroken realizing I would move to New York last summer the day after their show. Once you’ve fallen in love with this album go listen to all of the acoustic versions Greg Barnett does of these songs. Just gorgeous. Best tracks: All of them. But if I had to choose one, “Where Your Heartache Exists.”


Favorite Guilty Pleasure Song: “Boom Clap” by Charlie XCX

Literally couldn’t stop listening to this at work this summer. And dancing to this at home.

Favorite Movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Was this the best movie of the year? Surely not. But this has to be Wes Anderson’s best since Rushmore. It’s better than Rushmore. It’s visually appealing with the story and acting to back it up. It’s fanciful and dark at the same time.


Favorite Movie (that technically came out last year but I saw this year): Inside Llewyn Davis

The Coen Brothers are very hit or miss for me. This was undoubtedly a hit. It’s cathartic to watch a film about a character who literally has terrible thing after terrible thing happen. It’s not even tragic because Llewyn is such an asshole. I guess that’s what makes this film relatable. The Coen Brothers: Great at making assholes relatable.


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