Resolutions 2K15


  • Volunteer more. I tend to use my organizational service work as an excuse for avoiding direct service. While I think all types of volunteering are equally important, I do want to commit to more direct service in the future. And as I transition into working full-time I also want to be proactive in using my professional PR skills for pro bono work.
  • Learn more. Specifically I mean teaching myself new skills. I considered taking a computer science class this coming semester, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I ended up in a film analysis class instead. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be more proactive about teaching myself coding. And my graphic design skills could use some work. But it’s not all about my resume either. Maybe this year will be the year I finally live out my dream of learning the piano.
  • Travel more. “Get a job” is probably a given on this list. But the closer I get to graduation the more I panic about “settling down.” Should I try to work abroad in a growing market? Do a working holiday in Australia or New Zealand? More likely than not, I will end up happily accepting an offer stateside. But hopefully that job won’t start until June or July, and I’ll have the end of May for adventures. Too often I hear people talk about where they want to go and then they never get the chance. I really don’t want that to be me.
  • Write more. Write everything. Write in my barely touched journal. Write more on this blog. Write screenplays and regular plays that will never see the light of day but are fun. I think a few months ago on this blog I promised more documentary reviews. I’ve been better about this, but my ratio of scripted television and film to documentaries is still very skewed. I haven’t been consistent about reviewing them either. For example, the draft for my review of “The Punk Singer” is still sitting unpublished and unfinished. I highly recommend it though. To be honest, I’ve never been very proactive about listening to female-fronted punk bands. Hearing more about Kathleen Hanna’s career makes me want to change that.


And those are just a few things. They might not even be the most important. I also have my senior year “bucket list” to get through and only one semester left to do it.

Let’s see how this goes!


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